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Launch of the first 100% Esports-Studies program in Canada!

Electronic sport to counter isolationism, cyberaddiction and school dropout!


On September 14th, 2018, the Montreal Esports Academy (MEA) announces with an immense enthusiasm the launch of the very first 100% Esports-Studies Program in Canada. Our program operates under a formula equivalent to the various traditional Sports-études programs already offered in Quebec. This program, launched in collaboration with the Édouard-Montpetit High School of la Commissions scolaire de Montréal, is a major step forward for the growth of esports in Quebec and Canada.

Such a program has the same benefits for participants as traditional sports programs. Improvement of physical and psychological health, socialization, reinforcement of the sense of belonging (team spirit), increase of self-motivation and reduction of school dropping, to name only these. Coaching and education are great ways to prevent cyberaddiction and cyberbullying. Our program promotes a healthy and structured video game practice.



The program will be officially presented at the Édouard-Montpetit High School Open House (French only), on Sunday, September 30, 2018. We invite you to attend in large numbers! At the event, we will open the first registrations for 2019 which will allow us to probe the interest and adjust the number of groups accordingly. Our program will begin in September 2019.

Program Structure

Our program is built on the acquisition of sustainable skills and applicable to other areas.

Students will go to their regular school in the morning and travel to the MEA for e-learning in the afternoons.

36 weeks – 5 days a week – 4 hours a day

1 flexible day per week for study or play

Distribution of daily time (approximate)

  • 30 minutes of physical activity
  • 75 minutes of theory
  • 120 minutes of play
  • 15 minutes break


Concentration in electronic sport and other similar programs

Our program is the first in Canada to offer instruction focused on the healthy practice of video games and to do so in a formula equivalent to the various traditional Sport-études programs. It is therefore through our unique approach that we can differentiate ourselves from e-sport concentration programs or other similar programs. In addition, our program is 100% e-sports and does not include programming, art or other.

It is important to note that our program is not a Sport-études program. The fact that esports are not recognized as a sport in our province is blocking access to all government programs such as Sport-Studies.


About Édouard-Montpetit High School

In addition to the numerous Sport-Studies programs already in place for more than 25 years, the school is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research (MEESR) for its program in Fine Arts-studies.

Recently, their service offering was enhanced by the arrival of a dance concentration, a Sport-studies program in Olympic handball, a concentration in indoor soccer (futsal) and a concentration in swimming.

6200 Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H1N 1S4
Telephone: 514 596-4140


About the Montreal Esports Academy

Launched in April 2018, the Academy is a company founded by Montreal Esports and Patrick Pigeon (co-founder and president of la Fédération québécoise des sports électroniques), with Georges Saint-Pierre as co-owner. Like its owner and other top athletes, the Academy promotes healthy lifestyle, prevention and balance between sport and other aspects of everyday life.

The Academy’s offices cover more than 4,000 square feet and are located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. In a modern, uncluttered style, players will find the Arena – a space fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for tournament play and video game training – as well as a semi-professional studio and a recording room for recordings.

3715 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V7
Telephone: 514 545-9100