Special Blog written by Patrick Rhéaume-Espinoza,

The Académie de sports électroniques de Montréal, better known under the brand of Montreal Esports Academy, blows the candle for its one year and one day ! “Why 1 year and a day?” you would say. Well, we were too busy and we were too happy to present you the latest partner school for year 2019-2020. As a result, we forgot the birthday! #woopsies

On April 23rd, 2018 was the first day of our Academy with the publication of the first Facebook profile picture about an esports academy in Montreal, Quebec. We may still read in social medias the following caption: La toute Première académie consacrée aux sports électroniques au Québec. (The very First academy devoted to esports in Quebec) Two days later, le Groupe TVA Nouvelles has already publiched and article about the initiative of Patrick Pigeon, CEO of Academies Esports Canada, and then came the requests for interviews on the radio and in the newspapers. Mr Pigeonhas long contemplated the creation of such an establishment where young people can reconcile their passion for video games and esports while learning about healthy lifestyles and academic success. Still today (well actually yesterday) Mr Pigeon published the following on his profile:

« La valeur du e-sport ne se résume pas à des millions de dollars. Ou encore à des milliards de dollars.

La valeur du e-sport c’est de faire socialiser des jeunes qui ne le font pas d’emblée. C’est de servir de motivation scolaire. De motivation à acquérir de saines habitudes de vie … C’est d’utiliser le jeu vidéo afin d’offrir de meilleures options de vie à des jeunes qui se trouvaient souvent délaissés par le passé. » – Patrick Pigeon

TR: “The value of esports is not just millions of dollars. Or even billions of dollars. The value of esports is to socialize young people who do not do it right away. It’s to serve as a school motivator. Motivated to acquire healthy lifestyle … It is to use video games to offer better life options to young people who were often neglected in the past.”


It is not surprising that Mr. Pigeon is staying the course since he hired me as a right-hand man in mid-April 2018, Patrick Pigeon has always repeated his main objectives which he develops since the year 1998 :

  • Provide services to schools for school perseverance
  • Test esports day camps for the public
  • Perform the test of specialized school programs in esports
  • Educate, Evolve, Perform; and
  • « On verra.. » at the end of a dialogue (at the same style of the actual Premier of Quebec, François Legault, whilst he launched his political party in 2011)
The first days

The initial game plan was strong enough to convince the lead investor, MTL Esports, to support our projet. The launch of the first promotional video was spectacular in terms of feedback on Facebook between esports aspirants, families and skeptical alike towards our “Esports Day Camps.” Georges Saint-Pierre Georges has also given his time and his cover to support us, question of credibility and perseverance for the embryonic industry of electronic sport in Quebec. Like many actors in the community, he continues to support us in his own way and we are very grateful to him.



But in short…

Without further repeating or rambling, our first weeks were restless and the tempo has not abated in the last twelve months, I guarantee it. We hired our technique and performance coaches for the summer of 2018 while delivering a wobbly fight in the inclosure of MTL Esports to do our best in terms of sales and marketing visibility with less than two months before the start! The 2018 results were very positive for a first proof of concept.

What was most remarkable was the positive feedback from parents and the very productive feedbacks from the media that populate our media page.In addition, the Quebec community begins to slowly discover the world of electronic sport with our young Academy, which is featured in productions of television channels such as Radio-Canada, RDS or Télé-Québec and there are others that will come up in the coming months. Stay tuned. But really, adding a professional marketing communications director, Mr Benjamin Denis, has really advanced the Academy’s files for both partner schools and major events such as the Official NHL19 tournament of the Montreal Habs in addition to leading the 2019 Esports Day Camps campaign. To that, Benjamin has more than one card in his deck and he will show you that the game is just beginning.

Last but not least, the school environment. High-level career success begins at school with academic perseverance and life-long learning. We are incredibly excited to receive the first cohort of students entering the Esports Competitive Concentration (ECC) who will receive a unique coaching. These students are coming from the following high schools: Edouard-Montpetit high school, Lester B. Pearson Hish School, Collège Reine-Marie, and Collège du Mont-Sainte-Anne in Sherbrooke. For this purpose our coaching team will more than double to fill the need. Teachers will be hired, and we will work with different specialized organizations in different settings such as health, technology & innovation, academic research and education. Quite frankly, the biggest remains to come… and to experience, 100% in Quebec.

Now that it’s been a year; including 8 weeks of summer day camp 2018, more than 4500 hours of physical activity, as many hours of video games, 2 weeks of Spring Break day camp 2019 and no less than four High Schools in Quebec covering hundreds of young families,and who will embark with us in our programs of 2019 and 2020, I speak on behalf of the whole team that this is just the beginning! We are ready*. Are you? “On verra.” 😉



*Disclaimer: Actually my team members are ready, but this one will only be ready when the additional computers arrive, be assembled, tested, stressed and arranged to satisfy the number of students engaged in this coming fall.