We offer conferences service for educational institutions and other organizations on the following topics.

  • What are esports ?
    • How big is this industry?
    • Is it really considered sport?
    • Where did esports emerged and for how long?
    • Where is Canada in all of this?
  • Training techniques
    • An overview of the techniques of the pros
  • Career opportunities and career advancement
    • New jobs created since then
    • Profits, turnover, spinoff, fame and glory
  • Online broadcasting
    • giant of direct online broadcasting
    • Are you well connected to the latest trends?

And much more !

  • Cyber Addiction “Cyberdependance”
    • What definition do we give it as a society?
    • What are the tools and tips to prevent this?
    • What to do if I suspect a case of cyber addiction?
    • What resources are in place in Quebec?
  • Cyberbullying
    • What impact can this make on my child or me?
    • What are the tools and tips to prevent this?
    • What to do if I suspect a case of cyberbullying at school or at work?
    • What resources are in place in Quebec?
  • Cyberpredation
    • What is cyberprédation “luring”?
    • What can I do to prevent it?
    • what to do if I suspect a case of luring?
    • Is there a physical border to limit it?

And much more !

  • Selfcare
    • Sleep quality
    • Nutrition
    • Physical fitness
  • Injuries prevention
  • The esprit d’équipe and competitive state
  • Forming our first team
  • Budget and Operationnal planning
  • Tournaments experience

And much more !



The Academies and la Fondation des gardiens virtuels are joining forces for the common goal of making the Internet safer for all.

As front-line youth workers, the Academies are responsible for spreading a culture of the healthy use of video games. We believe that education, coaching and leadership will make our students responsible users on the Internet and wanting the well-being of other online users.

The Virtual Guardians program implements silent agents in communities, teams and organizations related to the field of esports and video games in general.

These silent agents will act as a detector of risky behavior (depression, suicidal mentality, threat, planning of a violent act …). They will in no way be stakeholders and will not be called or trained to directly intervene with the person at risk. The agents are in fact relays who must transmit to the appropriate resources the information necessary to assist the person at risk. They can also retransmit resources to the person at risk without getting more involved in the situation.

The Academies are actively working on the implementation of this program in all its training programs. More comprehensive training will be integrated into our Esports-Studies concentration program, which we partner with Édouard-Montpetit High School.

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