Patrick “Halterhozanca” Pigeon has been active in the Quebec video game community since 1998. Mr. Pigeon is one of the pioneers of electronic sport in Quebec. His interest in video game and esports has led Mr. Pigeon to be involved in many projects and to have a say on all facets of this field.

Mr. Pigeon has been the co-owner and Director of the late “Armata Gaming” and of “Boreal eSports”, two organizations that have distinguished themselves in the past in Quebec and have greatly contributed to the advancement of esports in the province. Boreal eSports was in the Top Five team ranking in North America and had the honor of representing Canada at many international competitions.

Mr. Pigeon is one of the founding members of la Fédération québécoise des sports électroniques (FQSE). He is also the chairman of the FQSE Board of Directors since its creation in 2016. Mr. Pigeon was the initiator and designer of la Ligue Cyber Espoirs (LCE). The LCE is the first electronic sport league for Quebec schools (high school – professional – CEGEP – university). Finally, Mr. Pigeon and MTL Esports joined forces to create the Montreal Esports Academy in Spring 2018, the very first academy of its kind in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.