To start the announcement of our coaches, we are pleased to introduce our Head Coach, Mr. Antonin “Astaa” Tran!

Mr. Tran is the current head coach of the electronic sports teams at the Electronic Sports Club of the Université de Montréal. He has held this position since 2016. He has also coached the Overwatch team for the same club and he is involved in several volunteer projects oriented around the training and well being of casual players. Through his experience as a transitional social worker and his medical research work, Mr. Tran has learned to work with people with severe physical and mental disabilities.

As part of his duties at the Academy, Mr. Tran will be able to use his knowledge in coaching, mentoring, biology and neuropsychology. In fact, he holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in neuroscience (neuropsychology of development and physical imaging) and he is completing a master’s degree in neuropsychology on the rehabilitation of the visual system.

In addition to contributing to the creation of training programs, he will act as skills technics trainer for the Introduction camps and Overwatch Improvement camps this summer.