NO LIMIT night on Fortnite theme — Presented by Lazer Game Evolution

Lazer Game Evolution: THE GAME 100% LASER

Presented by Laser Game Évolution Marché Central and Laser Game Evolution Brossard in partnership with Montreal Esports Academy.

Come and participate in this No Limit event on Fortnite theme — Sunday September 2nd from 6pm to 11pm for 20 $+Tx / pers!

Gifts will be won during the evening !

5 hours of game to discover our 3 mazes and discover the modes of game, team, or free for all!

Possibility to reunite player groups to reach 35 players at the same time, and play on 2 OR 3 mazes at the same time!

? Think about booking, places are limited 

Laser Game evolution is a laser shooting game where participants fight to score a maximum of points in obscure mazes on several floors.

Information and reservation 514-384-4848 or on

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